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Build your lifestyle around your career; not your career around your lifestyle. 

It’s time to live up to your fullest potential by swapping fear for fulfillment!
You define your career; 
don’t let others define it for you!
Let’s be clear, when it comes to your career, this is chess not checkers. Make Your Move Masterclass is an exclusive course designed to help ambitious professionals amplify your talents and direct your desires towards professional fulfillment. You are in command of your career!
1.  Why am I undervalued and overlooked?

2. Why am I underpaid?

3. Why haven’t I landed the role I deserve? 

4. Why am I wasting my talent? 

5. Why do I feel completely burned out and apathetic with my current career path?
If you answered YES to any of the
above questions, then the
is for you!
Regain clarity & confidence
in your career
Take REAL strategic steps towards advancing your career
Learn from a coach who climbed the corporate ladder and helped build talent strategy and culture for top companies
You’ll learn 6 practical, no-nonsense must-do steps that get you real results & propel your career to higher heights
In 6 weeks we will cover:
Career Clarity & Purpose
Determine exactly what you want out of your career, and the steps you'll take to get there. Learn my philosophy on understanding “what you came to get” and then build an intentional career plan where the decisions you make drive the results you desire. 
Resume & LinkedIn Refresh
Let’s be real, your resume doesn’t matter half as much as you think it does, still everyone’s resume needs a little work anyway. Times change and so should your resume. Learn how to level-up your resume, as well as your LinkedIn profile to get the attention your expertise deserves.
 Professional Brand & Influence 
Learn how to impact and influence stakeholders through the power of self-promotion. Create an online/ offline image that sells you to the companies you want to work for and learn how to impact and influence stakeholders more effectively to move in the direction you desire through my lesson on the power of promotion. 
Interviews & Negotiation
Be trained on tactical ways to initiate interviews from cold leads, ace interviews like a #boss, increase your financial rewards through negotiation, and maximize total rewards to match your long term goals.
Networking & EQ
 Hear how to become a master networker and surround yourself with people who will support, teach, and direct you in achieving your goals. Learn how to build your own professional board of directors and how to engage them to best support your career journey.

Career Blueprint
Chart your course with all the new techniques you’ve learned throughout the program. Here, we will revisit your career plan and each attendee will end with a clearly defined action plan to future-proof your career.
Step-by-Step Curriculum
Get access to The Corporate Tea library of content, including step-by-step guide to help you transform your approach to your career.
Personal Support
Have the space and support to delve deeply into your career 
blueprint with my expertise.
Career Touchpoint
Coaching  session upon completion of your 
masterclass course
My E-book – How to Become a Career Unicorn – Harnessing the Magic of Your Personal Brand to Power Your Career
Free downloadable Career Bucklist & Printable 90-Day Career Planner, and list of career book resources to support your journey 
Discount access to downloadable customizable resume templates 
“Become the CEO
of your Career.”
More than a Career Coach
Hi, I’m Toni, a career curator, network navigator, diversity & inclusion advocate and rock star workforce strategist. I’m most commonly known as the Founder of The Corporate Tea, an online brand designed to help women and professionals of color navigate the unwritten and unspoken rules of corporate America. I launched The Corporate Tea because I could relate to the feeling of career stagnation, and I wanted to spill the “tea” on everything professionals thought they knew about corporate America. 

My why…
I started my career journey playing by two golden rules – (1) go to school and (2) get a good job. So, I went to college, took on every internship under the sun, worked hard, and still wasn’t completely fulfilled. I’d done everything “right” and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t advancing at the pace I expected.  

And that combined with the fact that management, executive and C-Suite ranks have negligible representations of women; much less people of color— left me dazed and confused. I was completely lost on the mental stamina it required, yet enamored with the climb and title and what it meant for my limited definition of success. No one told me the amount of assimilation and EQ it would require to make it to the top. In fact, all anyone demonstrated for me was all that I would have to change to fit in.
One day I decided to stop believing the myth that someone else was in charge of my career and started to believe in the magic of my uniqueness and the talent I bring to the table. And just like that, I went from riding along in the passenger seat of my career to steering my career from the driver’s seat. Well, maybe it wasn’t ‘just like that’. It was more so a process of defining and understanding my “why”—a shift from an, I’ve-got-potential course to an I’ve-got-purpose journey changed my entire career trajectory. 
Sure, corporate America is littered with micro-inequities and other landmines. While I don’t purport to have the cure for inequity, I do know that my “why” is to help ambitious professionals just like you, shatter cemented ceilings, illuminate unseen and unheard obstacles, define your “why,” and ultimately, cultivate the career you deserve

I’m not new to this, I’m true to this…
As go-to career strategist and expert I’ve partnered with recognized brands and organizations like Southwest Airlines, Ally Financial, BB&T, Google and United States Black Chamber of Commerce to bridge the gap in career skill and strategy for underrepresented groups. 
And shared my workforce insights with Forbes, NBC News, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Business Management Daily, and Glassdoor to name a few.
But what does all of this really mean to you…
It means I’ve sat on the other side of the table of talent strategy for close to two decades for some of Corporate America’s top Fortune 500 companies, and after many years of experience and lots of personal trial and error, I’ve come up with a career system that will not only help you amplify your talents, but get you what you deserve through creating a blueprint for clear career direction.
So, what’s your part? It’s simple…
Decide to join me! I want to help you build a career around your lifestyle, and not a lifestyle around your career. Which is why I created this program—to teach you the skills you need to transform your wildest career dreams into reality.
“I believe your power lies in your ability to understand your worth. The minute you decide you deserve to be in the room the entire trajectory of your career will shift. To be chosen, you must choose yourself first.”
After working with my clients some have: 
 Doubled their salaries and gained key strategy on how to negotiate effectively
Landed their dream roles with top companies 
Gone from no calls to being actively sought after from top companies based on their revamped profiles and resumes
Improved their mindset, and quality of life in how they approach their career long term
“At the time I was referred to Toni for her services, I was in a dark place, very discouraged, and feeling like I was not reaching my full potential! The job market in my hometown was limited and I decided to relocate but I was confused about the strategy to do so! At that time, Toni stepped in as my, “Fairy God Job Mother”! LOL, seriously, she totally shifted my energy and refreshed my LinkedIn/resume and provided better career clarity long term! Thank you so much, from that moment I’ve only moved up in my career!”
T.K. Fayne, Enterprise Account Manager - Logistics 
“Toni is an incredibly phenomenal career coach…one in a million! Toni helped me in so many ways both big and small. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience; the way she used anecdotes to reinforce some of the of the great coaching she provided me really helped a great deal. One of the suggestions she made particularly stick out for me had to do with the actual presentation of my experience, a method I was using that was clearly outdated but at the time I didn’t realize it. I eagerly used the advice she gave and I am confident that it absolutely helped me in the wonderful opportunity that I have now! Thank you Toni!!!”
Allen Spence, Marketing Executive - Product Technology 
“Toni has served as such a phenomenal resource in my recent career development. I respectfully see Toni as a role model and personal mentor. Toni has not only offered unique professional coaching, but her invaluable insight into strategic career planning which was valuable to me both personally and professionally. Considering the gender equity pay gap in our country, I applaud Toni for encouraging everyone, particularly women, to recognize their worth and negotiate as such in the workplace. Due to her support and coaching, I successfully transitioned into a new journey that was a perfect marriage of my skills set and overall passion for education and DEI. I am grateful for Toni's continued support, guidance, and innovative tips/tricks for success!”
Edwina Simms, Director of Multicultural and Affinity Engagement - Education 

“There are many wonderful career coaches--competent and truly helpful but none like Toni Howard-Lowe. My work with Toni unwrapped a perspective that changed the way I approached workplace matters and how I navigated my stressful career transition. She believes that once all doubts are addressed, you can better channel your energy into developing a plan to find opportunities and achieve professional success. As a direct result of Toni’s practical and realistic advice, I have achieved career clarity. Her authenticity is unmatched and she has an innate ability to meet you where you are. Toni clearly demonstrates a seasoned-level of knowledge, experience and a passion for what she does.”
Temika Kitchen, HR Professional - Firm 
“Toni is a true coach and activator. When I reached out to Toni I was feeling defeated and isolated in a new role with a new organization. I was starting to believe I might have made the wrong choice in my career. I knew I was capable of creating value in the organization, but I was starting to feel I was not a good cultural fit. Toni encouraged me to build allies within my organization, identify goals that I wanted to accomplish by taking this role, she introduced me to readings that would further develop my understanding on how to connect with my new team, and lastly she encouraged me to create my own personal network of people that I could talk to in order to express my feelings, or offer challenge to me in my thinking.

Since I have worked with Toni...I received the Outstanding Cultural Award for my organization, shared some of the same teachings to my personal network, and I have been shifted to a brand ambassador for my organization. Before working with Toni I felt alone and did not see the opportunity for growth. After working with Toni; I truly understand my capabilities, show up as my authentic self, and continuously strive to create value for my organization as well as my own personal brand and community.”
Ty Williams, Partnership Development Manager- Non Profit 
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